A Portuguese success story

Sogapal expands with sixth KBA Compacta

Sociedade Grafica da Paia (Sogapal) is expanding further at its site in Barcarena, a suburb of Lisbon. Having already purchased three 16-page Compacta 215 presses and two 48-page Compacta 618 presses, the successful Portuguese company has now ordered another Compacta 215 from Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA). A third 48-page press is already being planned.
The new Compacta 215 is already the sixth KBA commercial web press for Sogapal (1)

Founded in 1997 by Manuel Cruz, the company is not only targeting the Portuguese market with this move, but is quite deliberately setting its sights on Spain, France, Belgium and the UK as well. The new, fast Compacta 215 with a printing speed of 50,000 copies/hour has a cut-off length of 620 mm and is designed for web widths of 420 – 1,000 mm. In addition to a Patras M reel feed, a Pastostar RC reel changer, four printing units, a hot-air dryer, superstructure and an F3 gripper folder, the system also has a sheeter. It allows not only variable folding production but also high-quality sheet production from the reel for paper up to 220 g/m² at a rate of up to 50,000 sph.

Joint meeting at IPEX in Birmingham (from left to right): Kai Trapp (Sales Manager for KBA), Manuel Cruz (founder and proprietor of Sogapal), Paulo Cruz (CEO of Sogapal), Pedro Pereira (KBA Magcop agency), Christoph Müller (Executive Vice President Sales for KBA) and José Pereira (KBA Magcop agency) (2)