Strategic alliance of two strong partners for the newspaper industry

KBA and TPH start exclusive marketing tie up

Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) in Germany and The Printers House (TPH) in India have entered a strategic alliance to expand their businesses globally. TPH will promote KBA web presses on the Indian sub continent while KBA promotes TPH’s 2/1 Orient web presses in the rest of the world. The alliance allows both KBA and TPH to cater to any requirement ranging from 16,000iph to 90,000iph web offset presses in their respective territories.

Im Gegenzug wird TPH das umfassende Portfolio der KBA-Hochleistungsrotationen für den Zeitungs- und Akzidenzdruck auf dem indischen Subkontinent vertreiben. Durch diese strategische Allianz können sowohl KBA als auch TPH künftig einfach-, doppelt- und dreifachbreite Rollenoffsetrotationen in unterschiedlichsten Konfigurationen und Leistungsklassen von 16.000 Expl./h bis 90.000 Expl./h in ihren jeweiligen Vertriebsregionen anbieten.

TPH is an industry leader in web offset presses with thousands of printing units installed worldwide. The Orient range includes offset presses with speeds of 16,000iph, 30,000iph, 36,000iph and 50,000iph. The printing elements include mono units with integral reel stands, stacking units, ARC with stack, three-colour satellites, four-high towers, a tucker folder and jaw type folder including 1:2:2 folder. Outside India, TPH presses can be found in China, Russia and the Middle East.

The Dainik Bhaskar Group (DB Group) in India has ordered seven 4/1 KBA Prisma presses. The one pictured is destined for Bangalore and will print a number of titles including the English-language Daily News & Analysis (DNA) (1)

KBA is one of the biggest press manufacturers in the world and has the broadest product range in the industry, catering to both volume markets (sheetfed, commercial web offset, newspaper) and niche markets (banknote printing, metal decorating, special UV presses). As an engine of innovation in the newspaper and semi-commercial sectors KBA offers a complete range of presses in all the current configurations, from the Continent (2/1), Comet (2/2), Prisma (4/1), Colora (4/2) and Commander (4/1, 4/2, 6/2) up to the highly-automated compact Commander CT (4/2, 672) and the waterless Cortina (4/1, 4/2, 6/2). The KBA group employs some 7,400 people at seven production sites in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and at its global sales and service network.

Mon Mohan Kohli, director of TPH, says: “We are delighted to join forces with KBA to serve the web offset printing industry under one umbrella. We hope that KBA’s excellence, combined with world class price competitive machines from TPH, will open new vistas in the web offset printing industry globally. It will not only reap benefits in terms of technology but also improve economics for new projects.”

A TPH Orient Super single-width, single-circumference press for a customer in Russia (2)

Christoph Müller, KBA executive vice-president for web press sales, says: “It is an exciting time. TPH with its brand name Orient is a highly respected company in many growth regions worldwide. The tie-up between us will complement our product range and further enhance our standing in the global market. We have complete trust in TPH, its products and people and expect it to be a significant alliance for newspaper and commercial web offset printers worldwide.”

The marketing and distribution alliance formed by KBA and TPH will be the biggest of its kind in the newspaper industry. It is expected to provide some relief from the ongoing economic meltdown and will open up new avenues for printers and publishers looking to launch or augment their business activities.