Two 48pp Cortinas for Freiburg, one for Benelux

Cortina Waterless Offset Fast Gaining Ground

The sale of a 48pp KBA Cortina to Dutch printing house Rodi Rotatiedruk in Broek op Langedijk at IfraExpo 2003 in Leipzig was followed at the end of the year by two more orders for similar versions from Freiburger Druck in the city of the same name in Germany, and from a Benelux media group (details to follow).

For KBA, this mounting interest in waterless newspaper offset vindicates the single-minded determination with which we have been pursuing the development of this process in collaboration with manufacturers of inks, plates and paper. Alongside potential cost efficiencies the investment decisions were driven by a need for a more standardised and ecological production tool.

Badische Zeitung in Freiburg

The 80,000cph Cortina press line for Freiburger Druck will comprise two 48pp sections and have a maximum capacity of 96 full-colour broadsheet pages in the Berliner format. The press is slated to come on stream in early 2006 and will take over the entire production from three conventional presses.

The company’s title daily, the Badische Zeitung (BZ), which first hit the streets in 1946, has won a string of awards for its editorial work and layout. Its circulation of 180,000 copies in 17 local editions is read by some 412,000 people. Other inhouse products the Cortina will print are two Sunday titles, Der Sonntag in Freiburg (circulation 177,000) and Der Sonntag im Dreiland (85,000-plus), a number of frees (total weekly circulation 550,000) and various other titles, supplements, semi-commercials and directories.

Freiburger Druck, which employs around 150 people, is part of the Badisches Pressehaus media group whose activities, alongside newspapers, embrace e-commerce, information technology and the Internet. It also operates a customer service centre, Telefonteam Baden, and in 2000 set up a private postal service, arriva gmbh briefe & service, which delivers over half a million letters a month for more than 1,800 customers.