KBA Competence at IfraExpo 2007 in Vienna

Focus on innovative compact web presses for coldset and heatset

At the newspaper trade fair IfraExpo 2007, to be held in the new Vienna Exhibition Centre for the first time from 8 to 11 October, Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) will focus its trade fair appearance in Hall B (stand no. 305) on the two compact presses, the Cortina (waterless) and the Commander CT (wet offset), from the highly automated KBA Competence platform. In an age of increasing competition among the various media, both types of press offer various commercial, operational and technical benefits for newspaper, semi-commercial or hybrid production.

The innovative KBA Competence compact platform with the waterless Cortina (left) and the conventional Commander CT (right) is KBA’s contribution to boosting the printed media in an age of growing competition among the various media

With eleven presses (totalling 51 printing towers) having been ordered, including the first two triple-width 6/2 web presses for Le Figaro in Paris and the NORDSEE newspaper in Bremerhaven, Germany, the KBA Cortina waterless web press is really beginning to dominate the newspaper landscape thanks to its unique selling points. The unique facility for producing newspapers, inserts, high-quality newspapers in a coldest and/or heatset process with rapid changes using the same ink is attracting growing attention. In addition, thanks to the minimal waste, the absence of ink mist even at high speeds and the absence of VOCs, the waterless offset process also complies with the requirement for more ecologically sound production methods.

Despite the different printing processes, the Cortina and Commander CT have one crucial USP in common, apart from the high level of automation with fully automatic plate changers, individual drives in the cylinders and the particularly maintenance-friendly and innovative technology of the roller locks and cylinder bearings: the low height of the eight-couple tower of just some 4 metres. This not only brings commercial advantages and saves space, but also makes operation ergonomically easier for the operator (lifts right next to the eight-couple tower instead of having to expend valuable energy on climbing stairs) and thus makes the web press operator's workstation more appealing. This is an important factor, given the signs that are already emerging of a shortage of skilled personnel, and one that is often overlooked. However, KBA has not suspended the development of the conventional newspaper presses in its wide portfolio of products, so there will be plenty of subject matter for discussion at IfraExpo.

KBA will go into this in greater detail in a press conference at 1:00 p.m. on the first day of the trade fair in the Vienna Congress Center.

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