New Hybrid Innovation and High-Speed Options Extend Record-Breaking Run


Since it's introduction at Drupa 2008 the RAPIDA 106 has set new production records every year thanks to its revolutionary Simultaneous Plate Change and Flying Job Change technologies. At this Drupa a raft of new innovations set the bar even higher...

The RAPIDA 106 makeready world champion B1 press was first launched by KBA at Drupa 2008. For this year's show, an optional package now raises the maximum production speed even higher – to 20,000sph in straight printing and 18,000sph in perfecting mode.

KBA's flagship medium format press is being shown in a 12-unit configuration for five-colour print with inline coating on both sides of the sheet. Among the many innovations incorporated into this already highly automated press, look out for:

new coater tower with simultaneous forme changing (DriveTronic SFC)

automated anilox roller exchange with AniloxLoader

AirTronic delivery for exact pile formation at even the highest speeds

new modules for online and inline quality monitoring and control

a new ErgoTronic console with wall-mounted monitor



A high-level delivery is an immediate indication that the new RAPIDA 105 is based on the same platform as the high-end RAPIDA 106. The range of automation options has been extended and the optional maximum production speed has been raised to 17,000sph (standard: 16,500sph). The RAPIDA 105 is now also available in a four-back-four perfector configuration, with a perfecting unit based on technology developed for the RAPIDA 106. The new RAPIDA 105 thus packs all the features expected of a modern commercial press, presented under the banner: “Designed for Performance”.

Digital meets offset

KBA’s new Rapida 105 boasts five offset printing units and coater plus additional inkjet printing unit with two Delta 105iUV systems from Atlantic Zeiser for high-quality personalised imprinting and coding. This world first was made possible by a new system for guiding the sheets over a suction cylinder (AirTronic Drum).

The KBA RAPIDA 105 and 106 are the only presses on the market to realise this option without the need for mechanical sheet guides and print-free corridors. This unique solution prevents lifting of the tail edges and enables the inkjet systems to be installed at a clearance of only 1mm (0.04in) from the sheet. UV-LED dryers provide for fast drying of the ink.

There are many potential applications for inkjet systems in a sheetfed printing press. They range from sheet marking in connection with quality inspection using the alphaJET-tempo printer from KBA-Metronic to codings for purposes of brand protection (barcodes, QR codes, numerical IDs or combinations thereof). Relevant fields are security printing, packaging, labels, lottery tickets and industrial product marking. Up to eight inkjet heads from Atlantic Zeiser can be accommodated in a printing unit of the Rapida 105 or 106 press. The high-speed greyscale printer is equally suitable for coated, laminated, glossy and non-absorbent materials. A mini controller takes care of system handling in marking, inspection and quality assurance processes. Quality control, including verification of the variable data, is similarly the purpose of a high-speed camera system. Another interesting option for packaging printers is the marking of individual blanks in connection with the inline sheet inspection system KBA QualiTronic MarkPlus. Flawed blanks can then be ejected automatically during downstream processing, e.g. in the folder gluer. With the KBA AirTronic Drum, further inline finishing processes are likely to be integrated in future.


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Ra106 Highlights
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