New RAPIDA 145 and 164 adopt Higher Performance Technologies

KBA defines new benchmarks for large format

As the established market leader, KBA has chosen Drupa as a fitting occasion to redefine the benchmarks for offset printing in large formats...

The latest generation of large-format Rapidas is to celebrate its official market premiere in the form of a plinth-mounted six-colour Rapida 145 with new coater, triple-length extended delivery and automated pile logistics. The maximum production speed of the 1050 x 1450mm (41.34 x 57in) Rapida 145 is 17,000sph in straight printing with the high-speed package and 15,000sph in perfecting mode with the new three-drum perfecting unit. Many of the automation modules of the makeready world champion press Rapida 106 are now also available to large format users.

The press to be seen at Drupa, for example, features the sidelay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS and DriveTronic SPC direct drives for fast, simultaneous plate changing. The CleanTronic Synchro system (two washing beams) for simultaneous washing of ink rollers, blankets and impression cylinders parallel to plate changing, a new programme for extremely fast inking unit washing (CleanTronic ReInk) and further parallel makeready processes contribute to significantly higher net production output compared to the predecessor series and presses from other manufacturers. The same can be said of the new coater with simultaneous coating forme changing (DriveTronic SFC) and of the fast, one-man replacement of the exchangeable anilox roller sleeves (AniSleeve).

The high production speed of 17,000sph is made possible not least by the new AirTronic delivery with high-level Venturi sheet guiding, dynamic sheet brake and console-based preset capabilities, and by a new blade chamber for the coating system (HighFlow Chamber).

Convenient operation is guaranteed at the new ErgoTronic console with wall screen, picture-in-picture function and integrated colour measurement and control system (QualiTronic ColorControl) for quality monitoring. In addition, the new large-format Rapida presses feature inline register control (QualiTronic ICR), and with QualiTronic PDF it is possible to perform an inline comparison between the print result and the original PDF file. The energy-saving KBA VariDryBLUE dryers which were already offered to large format users are to be made available also for medium-format  presses in the future.


Ra145 164 FABs
Ra LF High Speed Packages
Ra145 164 Erg Tronic console

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