‘Extra Mile’ Mindset Wins Southend Company’s Seal of Approval

KBA’s Stand-out Support Talks Granite’s Language

Impressive though KBA’s smooth delivery, installation and commissioning of their eight-colour KBA Rapida 105 perfector within a strict window of six weeks may have been, it is the quality of the German press manufacturer’s continued support and service that is leaving a lasting impression on Granite Communications.

Marvin Paul, operations manager of Granite Communications, Southend (a Park Communications Group company), explained: “The agreement on our Mitsubishi Diamond was coming up and we needed to find a replacement very quickly. We spoke to KBA and they did everything they could to get the press operational as soon as possible. They brought their UK engineers in and flew a team over from Germany. Everyone worked tirelessly to get us up and running.

“But what has been very important since the press’s smooth introduction was the level of support and service we have received. We had a trainer on site for the first two months giving the operators the confidence to run the press to capacity from day one.”

Ease of commissioning was not the only gain made through KBA’s commitment to customer care, states Paul: “Whereas getting used to a new make of press might normally take a few months, we were up to speed very early on which is absolutely crucial when the marketplace is so competitive and every minute counts.”

As well as access to KBA’s network of UK engineers and support office, Granite Communications also benefits from KBA’s remote diagnostics facility: “We need to be sure we can operate 24/7,” comments Paul. “It is no good if we have a problem on press in the middle of the night and there is no advice available. If that does happen, we know help is minutes away rather than hours.”

“We have been very very pleased with KBA’s back up and support throughout. They clearly wanted the installation to be perfect and help us be as productive as we can be. They have kept all their promises. In our experience no other manufacturer would support their product in the same way that KBA supports theirs. Having 24 hour support and access to expert engineers was vital for us to go forward with the deal.

“We were also keen to ensure we ran the press with the correct products to guarantee a smooth start up and KBA recommended a full range of consumables that enabled us to establish a high quality result from day one.”

The performance of the KBA press also matched Granite Communication’s exacting requirements to deliver a faultless quality product for its blue chip and high-end advertising clients. 

Paramount was delivering colour consistency for the ISO 12647-2 calibrated award-winning printer, which is why KBA’s innovative DensiTronic S was essential. The closed-loop DensiTronic S scanning Spectrophotometer measures both the density and spectral values on the x and y axis – or anywhere on the sheet. It significantly reduces waste and spoilage while streamlining jobs. At Granite Communications, run lengths are typically around 3,000 and DensiTronic S is perfectly pitched to deliver uniform quality throughout.

Features such as fully automatic plate changing and automatic blanket wash also ensure swift and competitive changeovers maximising every second on press for the round the clock operation.

Paul concludes: “KBA came up with the perfect deal - a quality press with the right specification in the time scale we needed - and it has performed beyond our expectations.”


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