KBA Presses Out-Perform the Field Across the Range

The power and the glory

As concern for environmental impact rises and difficult market conditions persist, a convergence of interests has emerged in the form of energy consumption during production.

Whether driven by the ecological or financial imperative, the solution is the same: KBA presses are designed and developed to deliver ultimate print quality at optimum efficiency and, as a result, the world makeready champion is setting new standards of energy performance across its market-leading range.

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Leading the way is the ecological and economical pacesetter RAPIDA 75E. KBA's new B2 sensation prints at half the power of rivals in this category – a claim which was illustrated at its Ipex launch by a green energy consumption display which gave visitors an up-to-the minute reading of power usage alongside the production speed display.

And it's not just the RAPIDA 75 that offers unrivalled savings. The B1 workhorse RAPIDA 105 and the flagship RAPIDA 106 feature levels of energy consumption significantly below alternative machines on the market... one user has reported a £50,000 annual energy saving after replacing another leading German press brand with the higher performance RAPIDA 106.

All of which means that printers equipped with KBA presses are better placed to fulfil their customers’ expectations of carbon footprint reduction while maintaining stringent quality levels and a competitive pricing regime.

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