…catch the Wow-Effect from readers.

Convince your advertising clients with innovative, eye-catching formats for advertisements and differentiate yourself from competitors. Create a new product by creatively folding, gluing and perforating two webs to feature two “zips” which can be opened up by readers to reveal 5 different advertisements.

KBA multiView is compelling. Its eyecatching design engages readers and stands out above the crowd of classic advertising formats. The reader “discovers” the product being advertised by unzipping perforations step by step. Physical more-intensive and longer advertising engagement leaves a lasting impression in readers’ minds.

KBA multiView has already been realized for several customers and proved itself in the day-to-day production environment. Offer your advertising customers the KBA multiView solution and the possibility to Upgrade KBA MultiView …catch the Wow-Effect from readers. KBA After Sales & Service address consumers with engaging brand showcasing in a format they have never seen before.

– Stand out above the crowd!