inkjet imprinting systems

Das KBA Inkjet-Eindrucksystem
Enhance your offset press with the benefits of digital printing

Integrating an inkjet system allows you to produce individual advertising or variable gaming and contests by imprinting in offset quality. Expand your product portfolio and boost ad revenues. The design options are manifold:

  • Number and letter codes
  • Text
  • URL and internet addresses
  • Graphics
  • Barcodes, QR codes
  • Symbols

The inkjet system is integrated into the press superstructure on a motor-adjusted crossbeam for exact positioning of the print head unit relative to the paper web.

Benefit from the numerous advantages that retrofitting inkjet systems brings you:

Offer your ad customers something special:

Add variable information to ad campaigns to enhance static ad contents. For example, regionalised advertisements can be created without changing printing plates.

Create attractive games:

Every newspaper copy can be given its own individual game code which increases the incentive for readers to buy a newspaper and enhances reader loyalty.

Generate statistical data fast and easily:

Statements about your readers’ consumer behaviour can be derived easily based on generated clicks.

Trust in reliable and robust technology:

The entire system, from the crossbeam through the ink head up to adjusting the superstructure, is set up for a long lasting and reliable service life.

Simplify the use of fee-based online contents:

You have the option, for example with the imprint of an individual URL, to enable your readers to use fee-based online contents.

Take advantage of cross-media marketing:

QR codes, URLs or changing graphics could take over central incentive roles as part of multi-channel campaigns.    

Die Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten sind vielfältig
Your advantages at a glance

  • Expands your product portfolio
  • Makes you more attractive to ad customers
  • Supports regionalised advertising
  • Prints up-to-date news (e.g. sports results)
  • Facilitates cross-media marketing
  • Simplifies the generation of statistics
  • Enables the reader usage of fee-based content
  • Safe, robust and practical technology


Print width: 10.6cm (4.16in)

Speed: up to 15m/s (49ft/s)

Resolution: 600 x 200 dpi


Motor-adjusted crossbeam,

controller, print station, inkjet head etc.


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