When you buy a newspaper or commercial web press from KBA you can depend on comprehensive and competent after-sales care and service. This is guaranteed by our highly qualified personnel, who provide support with all service-related activities and are happy to answer your questions by phone, online or on site.

Regular inspections are essential for a long press life and a consistently high level of press productivity. We recommend one-yearly intervals, with inspections scheduled to suit your specific production scenario. If you wish we can also provide individual and specialised training for your maintenance personnel.

 Our service team will provide a full and detailed status analysis for your press line(s) together with recommendations for necessary and optional maintenance and repair work. They will be happy to submit a concrete offer upon request. Maintenance deficits, abrasion or damage to your press can thus be detected and remedied in good time, safeguarding its performance on a sustained basis by eliminating the risk of unscheduled down times. Possible upgrades to enhance productivity and cost efficiency can be discussed at the same time. 

Our service offering encompasses: 

Mechanical inspection 

Today’s presses are high-tech installations bristling with electronics. Nonetheless, the precise functioning of mechanical components continues to play a major role in determining productivity and quality during print production. We therefore recommend regular inspections and, where necessary, adjustments by your own staff or KBA service personnel. 


Patras M or A 

  • Reel truck, turntable and transfer tables 

Reelstand and web-threading unit 

  • Drive components, brakes, spindles and pneumatic system
  • Safety devices  
  • Web-threading components

Printing unit 

  • Ink ducts (setting, abrasion)
  • Roller surfaces
  • Ink pumping, dampening units
  • Cylinder, plate and blanket tension
  • Pre-tension
  • Register and drive units
  • Oil and grease lubrication
  • Safety devices


Chill roller group 

  • Tightness of cooling system
  • Pressure-roller settings
  • Signs of wear


  • Play in idler-roller bearings
  • Register roller function
  • Slitters and rings
  • Turner bars and formers


  • Conversion
  • Copy guides
  • Basic settings
  • Folding systems

Electrical inspection 

The devil is in the detail. Nerve-wracking malfunctions, often attributable to the neglect of minor components, can cause needless delays in the production process. Our service personnel bring a trained eye and a high level of expertise to the electrical inspection of your press line. In addition to carrying out visual and functional inspections of subassemblies in the switch cabinet and of connections to consoles and section controls they will check whether your software is still up to date, and recommend an upgrade if it is not. 


An electrical inspection comprises:  

Patras A 

  • Drives and sensors
  • General function tests

Reelstand and web-threading unit 

  • General installation
  • Controller settings
  • Interrogation of fault memory
  • Power consumption
  • Switch cabinets

Printing unit 

  • Main drives and their controllers
  • Ink-key drives and controls
  • Arcnet connections
  • Switch cabinets (contamination and cooling)
  • Photo-electric cells
  • Register settings
  • Controller settings
  • Interrogation of fault history
  • Safety devices


Superstructure and folder 

  • Draw-roller drives
  • Sensors (installation and contamination)
  • Controller parameters
  • Power consumption by drives
  • Reading on elapsed-time clock
  • Anti-jamming devices 

Switchgear assembly 

  • Subassembly controls 

Consoles and section controls 

  • Connections and functions 

Service PC 

  • Software 


  • Control of Arcnet components
  • Network measurement (Ethernet, Profibus, optic fibres)

Cylinder bearing inspection 

We want your production plant to run smoothly – in every sense. As a means of ensuring the smooth running of your press line we offer what is known as Milligraph metrology, which can be carried out with very little effort and no dismantling. Bearing vibration is measured on the cylinder surface, thus providing reliable data on the state of the antifriction bearings at the cylinders. 

Thermographic inspection 

Innovative solutions and processes have long been a KBA trademark, which is why our specialists use thermography for preventive maintenance. Critical temperatures and temperature patterns within your press are recorded with the aid of a high-resolution thermal imaging camera and analysed in a variance comparison. So in many cases electrical and mechanical faults can be pinpointed reliably long before there is any risk of the press breaking down. Thermographic measurements can be made during print production. 

Other benefits 

  • Early detection of deviations in predefined process sequences
  • Planning and implementation of repairs to suit your production scenario
  • Forward planning and budgeting
  • Recommendation of further measures


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