Press relocations and extensions

When relocating secondhand presses we ensure that “what doesn’t fit is engineered to fit.” We will formulate an appropriate concept and submit an offer suited to your specific plant architecture. And we take care of all the details, from disassembly and transport to re-assembly and commissioning. If you wish, our specialist crew can also expand your press capacity with additional towers and/or enhance your production flexibility with additional aggregates such as bay-window rollers, reelstands, folders or new web leads.

We supply the following: 

Concept and offer: 

  • Initial concept and selection of a suitable secondhand press from our existing pool  
  • Submission of individual offer encompassing all specified services and equipment


Project planning:

  • Complete service: KBA is your sole contact for everything from initial offer to press acceptance
  • Experienced project managers



  • All pertinent engineering tasks
  • Technical modifications and special services


Disassembly, loading, offloading and placing: 

  • Competent team of technicians
  • All pertinent tools and equipment (e.g. crane, rigging, tool carts)


  • Time management and logistics

  • Means of transport (e.g. low-loader, overseas freight container)


  • Re-assembly in original configuration 


  • Reconfiguration to customer specifications (e.g. from 4/2 to full colour) 


  • Additional subassemblies and aggregates • • •
  • Printing towers
  • Folders
  • Reelstands


  • Replacement or overhaul of subassemblies to improve productivity and ease of use
  • Retrofits of controls and consoles to ensure reliable spare-parts supply


  • Press commissioning by experienced print instructors
  • Print test during acceptance


  • We provide a warranty for all our services 


  • Complete documentation of all designated subassemblies, parts lists, wiring diagrams etc. 



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