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Rapida 76

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The KBA Rapida 76 launched at Drupa 2012 sets new standards for the B2 format class. The winning automation features we have seen in the KBA Rapida 106 makeready champion, such as sidelay-free infeed, simultaneous plate change in just under a minute and even more flexible configuration options offer productivity-orientated B2 printers a raft of new options.

The KBA Rapida 76 is a highly-efficient press suitable for a variety of applications. Its full preset capability cuts job changeover times. The Rapida 76 is an ideal means of production also for packaging printers with up to ten printing units, a range of coatings, varied plinth heights and a particularly wide range of substrates.

If you are looking for an economically viable highly-automated press which incorporates many of the automated features offered in the B1 format Rapida 106, then the Rapida 76 is the right choice for you. It combines very easy handling, superior DriveTronic individual drive technology for extremely fast makeready, WashTronic job-specific washing programs and cutting-edge QualiTronic inline colour control with a high production output of up to 18,000 sheets/h.

Coming very soon. The KBA Rapida 76 is the new benchmark in B2 format.

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