Rapida 66

Feeder and infeed


  • High-performance stream feeder  
  • Antistatic rear-edge separating air  
  • Format setting  
  • Rear-edge pile height sensing with automatic compensation of the feeder head height  
  • Automatic pile lift control

Suction-belt feed table

  • Suction-belt feed table with stainless, antistatic structured surface, with 4 suction belts and multi-chamber vacuum system
  • Sheet deceleration to ensure optimum sheet arrival speed at the front lays


  • Top-side rotary pre-grippers accelerate the sheet for transfer to a single-size impression cylinder
  • Adjustment of the feed line at the infeed


Mechanical side lay  

  • Format setting

Sheet monitoring

  • Ultrasonic double-sheet detector
  • Optical skew-sheet and side lay sensors  
  • Optical front lay sensors with overshoot blocking  
  • Mechanical crash bar 

Printing unit

Design principles

  • Substructure cast in a single piece for high torsional rigidity, stability and reduced weight
  • Continuous gear train for smooth running and precision
  • Unit design
  • Corrosion-free cylinder surface finish  
  • Bearer contact and play-free bearings for precise rolling between plate and blanket cylinders  
  • Bearer cleaners  
  • Central lubrication for the most important lubrication points

Sheet travel

  • Single-size impression cylinders and transfer drums for reliable sheet travel over the full substrate range
  • Pneumatic impression on/off switching

Universal gripper system

  • No adjustments required to accommodate changes in substrate thickness
  • Ceramic-coated gripper tips for maximum holding force  
  • Structured gripper pads  
  • Gripper pads and tips can be replaced individually

Automated plate change

Automated plate change (SAPC)

  • Automatic clamping and tensioning of the plate in each printing unit
    Divided rear plate clamps
  • Change time per unit: 1 min

Register setting

  • Remote setting of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register
  • Diagonal register achieved by tilting the transfer drums

Ink duct and Inking unit

Ink duct

  • Ink keys and ceramic-coated ink duct roller
  • Remote control of the ink keys  
  • Wear-free ink metering ensures accurately reproducible settings  
  • Ink duct roller speed compensated to the press speed for constant ink transport


Inking unit

  • Fast-reacting single-train inking unit  
  • Remote setting of vibrator blocking  
  • Adjustment of the oscillation timing  
  • Setting of oscillation for first and fourth ink forme rollers  
  • Oscillating distributors prepared for inking unit temperature control

Dampening unit


  • Speed-compensated film-type dampening unit for a stable ink-water balance
  • Differential drive to eliminate hickeys

Roller washing

  • Individual programming and central control of washing programs

Blanket washing

  • Use of dry cloth rolls
  • Indication of cloth end and low solvent level  
  • Individual programming and central control of washing programs



  • Three-drum sheet turning
  • Proven 1-2-1 configuration for exact perfecting register  
  • Special perfecting drum gripper system handling a broad substrate range in both straight printing mode and perfecting  
  • Maximum production speed in both straight printing and perfecting (10,000 sph)

Sheet travel

  • Long-lasting ink-repellent surface on impression cylinders after the perfecting unit

Coating unit and Dryer

Coating unit

  • Convertible coater-dampening unit  
  • Flexible use as dampening unit or coater (dispersion coatings)


Dryer systems

  • Twin quartz lamps with IR power rating of 60 W/cm
  • Simple lamp replacement  
  • Automatic pile temperature regulation and dryer control  
  • Can be installed as final dryers


Sheet travel

  • Speed-compensated gripper opening cam for a broad range of substrates
  • Light barriers to guard the hazardous area  
  • Touchscreen display  
  • Touchscreen display with direct function keys for reliable and intuitive press operation

Sheet brake

  • Suction roller to facilitate smooth sheet delivery
  • Air setting for suction rings

Powder sprayer

  • Speed-compensated and formatdependent powder metering

Non-stop systems


  • Non-stop system with individual rods for uninterrupted production during pile changes


  • Non-stop pile change possible at full production speed

Console and operation

ErgoTronic control console

  • 15" TFT touchscreen for ergonomic access to all press functions
  • Preparations for network link for external data saving and preset data import
  • USB port for external data saving  
  • Sheet inspection desk with adjustable desk angle  
  • Uninterruptible power supply to enable controlled press shutdown in case of power supply failure  
  • Integrated remote maintenance module

Control console functions

  • Job-specific presetting of ink metering  
  • Remote register setting  
  • Selection of washing functions

Touchscreen display

  • TFT touchscreen for ergonomic access to all press functions
  • USB port for external data saving and preset data import

ErgoTronic InkControl

  • Remote ink key setting from the touch screen display at the delivery

Quality control


  • Fully automatic density measurements and adjustment
  • Density measurements and correction proposals displayed on the ErgoTronic console

Techkon RS400

  • Automated density measurements and fully automatic density adjustment
  • Density measurements and correction proposals displayed on the ErgoTronic console  
  • Free positioning of the colour bars on the sheet

Technical Details

Max. sheet format 

485 x 660 mm 

Min. sheet format 

225 x 297 mm 

Max. print format 

475 x 650 mm  

Max. print format in perfecting 

465 x 650 mm 

Substrate range 

0,04 – 0,45 mm  

Max. printing speed 

10.000 sph 

Plate format (without SAPC)

530 x 660 mm

Plate format (with SAPC)

550 x 660 mm

Pile height at feeder 

940 mm  

Pile height at delivery 

780 mm 

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