Ecological efficiency

In a collaboration project with ClimatePartner, KBA is the first printer manufacturer to offer environmentally minded customers an individualized and easy-to-use solution for calculating the greenhouse gas emissions generated by printing production runs.

With the new online platform Footprint Manager, interested print companies can now themselves calculate the emissions attributable to their production, can offer customers the increasingly requested option of climate-neutral print at fair and manageable extra cost, and acting hand in hand with the print buyer can compensate the unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects.

Benefits for your printshop:

  • You can position yourself as a climate conscious company and distinguish yourself on a highly competitive market. 
  • The transparency provided by the company’s carbon balance
  • By providing your customers with climate friendly services you become active in climate protection helps to tap new customers groups and generates loyalty among existing customers.
  • Easy and transparent availability of a platform without having to place any effort in set-up
  • No long-term obligation at 100 EUR /month only
  • You’ll be promoting socially commendable objectives.

Footprint Manager : 


Footprint Manager - Brochure (en)

Footprint Manager - Brochure (en)

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