RotaJET 76


KBA RotaJet 76: major attributes

  • Precision engineering for industrial demands
  • High level of automation for greater productivity      
  • Flexibility for short print runs or personalised products   
  • Much smaller footprint than comparable presses      
  • Precise register thanks to intelligent web lead 
  • Superior piezo inkjet technology with variable droplet size    
  • Proven APPE-based native PDF workflow for high data throughput     
  • High output (max. 3,000 four-colour A4 pages/min)    
  • Excellent print quality (native print resolution 600dpi)      
  • Minimum waste and maintenance  
  • Superior paper logistics at and in the press    
  • Industry-standard JDF interfaces to third-party systems    
  • Individual inline/offline configurations supported

Printing unit

Fast and reliable

Engineered for a maximum web width of 781mm (30.74in), the KBA RotaJET 76 delivers maximum web speeds of 150mpm (500fpm) in four-colour production. The RotaJet's excellent performance, high reliability and stunning print quality on different substrates - thanks to state-of­-the-art piezo inkjet heads and water-based pigment inks - all combine to ensure a positive ROI.

Excellent register accuracy

The RotaJET 76 benefits from the experience of our KBA engineers with large web widths. Fitted with an ingeniously simple web lead without turning bars for four-colour production, KBA's first inkjet press sets a new benchmark. Used in conjunction with a large central impression cylinder, the precise web lead promotes precise web tension, which in turn delivers outstanding register accuracy.

Prior to infeed in the second printing unit, ink and paper are gently dried in a compact and energy-saving infrared dryer.

Small footprint

Thanks to the intelligent web lead, the RotaJET stands a mere 9.6m (22ft 9in) long (excluding subassembly for inline finishing) and 3.9m (12ft 9in) wide - considerably shorter and more compact than comparable rival press systems. Even the height of 3.35m (11ft 5in) has sufficient overhead clearance in most industrial premises. The compact design reduces walking distances for operators and enhances ease of use, waste levels and cost efficiency.

Reel logistics

Superior reel logistics

The KBA reelstand with integrated and automated infeed was designed specifically for the RotaJET 76. It is considerably more robust than unwinders of comparable digital presses and is engineered to handle reels with a diameter of 1270mm (50in) and a max. weight of 1,300kg (2,860lb) and retrieve reel stubs with a diameter of 400mm (15.7in) from the floor without the need for any further equipment. Ease of use is further enhanced by the unwinder with infeed unit, which is fully embedded in the press control.

The RotaJET 76 delivers features hitherto unique to the world of offset print. A motorised brake aids energy recovery, thus reducing energy consumption and costs.

The subassembly is engineered for precise web tension and web guidance upstream of the infeed unit and the automatic infeed ensures fast and convenient web threading throughout the press.

Another revolutionary feature is the optional connection to KBA Patras. This supremely practical reel-logistics system registers paper consumption, automatically determines residual quantities and ensures optimum control of reel logistics, thus allowing the RotaJET 76 to be fully embedded in an existing web offset environment. Further options include an automatic KBA reelstand and a rewinder.

Printing heads and colour

The KBA RotaJET uses frontline piezo inkjet technology that boasts four variable droplet sizes and an optimised screening algorithm. The two arrays of 56 inkjet heads each form an arch over large central impression cylinders for four-colour printing on both sides of the web, but can still be moved aside for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This arrangement provides for optimum web guidance and facilitates an outstanding print quality and register accuracy. The intelligent web lead without turner bars enables a contact-free web run.

The inkjet heads in the RotaJET 76 are designed for heavy-duty use and contribute to the exceptional reliability of the overall system. Frequent replacement is avoided and uninterrupted industrial production is guaranteed. They are also extremely low-maintenance. Automatic cleaning can run parallel with other tasks, such as reel change or job preparation.

This eliminates makeready cycles and enhances efficiency. The printing heads can produce good copies even during the start-up phase, which greatly reduces waste and speeds edition changes.

Each of the 112 printing heads for four-colour perfecting is individually controlled and each inkjet droplet hits the substrate at a precisely calculated spot. The inkjet heads are cleaned automatically, fast and reliably using a new methodology.

The RotaJET uses water-based inks with special surface-modified pigments. It delivers an outstanding print in near-offset quality.


The RotaJET 76 workflow is based on APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine), which can be scaled to suit your individual performance requirements.

Press control and data management are module-based and embedded as standard to ensure fast commissioning. Designed to facilitate the work of the press crew, the PLC and dedicated drive technology are combined in a single control system and enable sophisticated functional sequences. The precision of the automatic web tension control is key to the consistently high print and register quality, while top-grade electrical and mechanical components ensure that the high level of automation is combined with reliable and energy-efficient technology.

The software embedded in the system for job handling, control of the inkjet heads and colour management minimises the need for manual intervention, allowing the operator to concentrate on core tasks: the profitable production of high-quality digital inkjet products.


If you want to use your post-press systems for different printing systems – or you have a job structure that is extremely diversified – the KBA RotaJET can be operated reel to reel. Alternatively, you can also link your online production to the post-press technology of longstanding KBA alliance partners. Folding, collecting, adding covers, binding, stitching, gluing, cutting, trimming and delivering the finished copies – the RotaJET handles all the common production tasks normally undertaken by digital printing systems. Whether reel to reel or online with finishing – we and our partners have the right solution for you.

The JDF-compliant software for the RotaJET enables simple connectivity between pre-press, press and post-press, thus considerably enhancing integration options. Tell us about your production scenario – our experts will be happy to analyse your process chain and help you choose the right pre-press and post-press systems for your press line and streamline your workflow

Technical data

Performance data

Max. web speed:    

150mpm    (500fpm)

Web width:

280 - 790mm (11.02 - 31.10in)

Print width:

280 - 775mm (11.02 - 30.52in)

Cut-off length:


Print volumes:

approx. 3,000 A4 pages/min, approx. 85 million A4 pages/month

Web lead

KBA unwinder:

reel diameter: 1270mm (50in) max.

automatic webbing up

fully automated web tension control

Printing heads

Printing head technology:

piezo electrically modulated DOD inkjet printing heads, fully automated printing head alignment

Print resolution:

600 dpi native, quality plus due to 2-bit multi-level, variable droplet sizes


56 printing heads per array, 112 total


automatic alignment of printing heads in array

Ink system

pigment polymer inks


compact, energy-saving infrared dryer

combined with the web being blown off with warm air


APPE-based native PDF workflow

JDF standard for press line intercommunication

and integration of third-party systems (post-press)

Consumption data


100 kW (for typical four-colour production)

Compressed air:

connected load 50l/min (13gall/min) at 7 bar (no continuous use of compressed air)

Cooling water:

cooling capacity 20 kW

Exhaust air:

2500 m³/h (88,285ft3/h) (no after-treatment of exhaust air required)



9,600 mm/5,000 mm/3,350 mm (standard 4/4, without rewinder or finishing) (22ft 9in/12ft 9in/11ft 5in)


approx.    25,000 kg   

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